Darling Sassy is finally home! I'm sorry her pictures are less than perfect but hope to have better ones soon.

I just LOVE this girl, she has the look I love (although she is less than willing to show it in photographs I can at least enjoy it in person), wonderful structure and the sweetest personality.

Thank you Leicy, for this Gem of a girl! =)

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Sire: Vondeens Odessy of Whispurwnds x Dam: Marcus Sacred Cat of Whispurswnds

GC Seder Rennes Lazaro of Vondeen
GC Catillak's Twist-Of-Fate of Seder Rennes
Tehy Apollo of Catillak DM GC Bocasana's George Micheal of Tehy
Tehy Blossom
GC Catillak's This Time Around DM GC RW Catillak's Sooner Or Later DM
GC Woodspirit's Mary Anne of Catillak
CH Seder Rennes Ginza
GC Catillak's Time After Time
GC RW Catillak's Sooner Or Later DM
Brannaway Glory Be
Candirand's Alyce of Seder Rennes GC Candirand's Love On The Rocks
Harwood Trivia of Candirand
GC Wishstar Maybelline of Vondeen
GC BW NW Wishstar Triumph DM GC Purrsay's Pearl Jam of Wishstar GC BW NW Purrsay's A. Jewel
CH RW Purrsay's A Place In My Heart DM
GC RW Wishstar Go Calforum DM GC RW Red Sky Wooden Ships DM
GC Joyville Dark Crystal of Wishstar
Artemis Dominique of Lacey-Paws GC Polcann's Tuxedo of Artemis GC Polcann's Freito-Bandito
Misty-Run Va Va Voom of Polcann
GC Angtini Lokmar Picabo Street GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC RW Pansypatch Charmin of Angtini DM
GC Boberan Undaunted of Marcus
CH Blueskyeyes Falcon of Boberan DM GC Cattrax Night Owl GC Copacats Marque O'Zorro of Cattrax DM
GC Cattrax Destiny
GC Vickits Prestege of Blueskyeyes GC Vickits Excalibur
Bolo's Princess Diana of Vickits DM
GC RW Boberan Total Eclipse-of-the-Heart DM GC RW Marsamis Indy 500 of Boberan GC NW Marsamis C.O.D. of Impression
Nornicj Phoebe Snow
GC Allmykittens Achy Breaky of Boberan GC NW Bajonga's Rusty Knockers DM
CH Rondi Tush Push
GC Marcus Mrs. Poopsie DM
GC RW Jolee's Dune DM
GC Dalu's Primetime DM CH Paquita Sam Sun of Dalu
CH Bar-B Simply Irrestible of Dalu
Jolee's Eliza GC NW Bajonga's Rusty Knockers DM
K-Catz Dancer
GC RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz DM GC NW Jadon Geoffrey Beene DM
GC GP NW Jadon Baskin Robbins
CH Bajonga's Striped Tease DM
GC RW Anz Maggie The Cat DM
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC Myshadows Miss Markie DM