Cyber Boys

General / About Us:

Cybercats is a CFA-exclusive cattery with focus on bicolors. All our kittens are registered in CFA and has no exotic or CP in their pedigree. We work with some proven odd-eye-carrying lines but this is not a focus of our breeding program. (see focus section below)

Goals and Focus:

The main goal of CyberCats is to breed top-of-the-line bicolor persians, but the occasional pet kitten born is loved equally much :)  Our aim is to breed cats with excellent overall type and focus especially on that sweet, open look with lots of width between large, expression-filled eyes.

A special pet-peeve of ours is the structure of the cat - perhaps because we also show dogs, and we strive to produce bicolors with the same conformation and structure as can be found in the high quality solid persians. Although high-white is what we, visually, prefer we will never allow the color of the cat to take precedence over structure in our breeding program.

Our cats and how they live:

CyberCats is a small, home based cattery located on the West Coast of Sweden - in Gothenburg City. We live with our cats in a large apartment, and the cats may if needed be separated or isolated, but are never caged. During the summer our cats frequently enjoy life on an island just north of Gotheburg, but for the remainder of the year they live exclusively indoors (though with access to a netted balcony).

While on the island, which is small and free of both roads and predators, several of our cats like to come along when we walk the dogs. Click the video below to see an example (taken in August 2010) :)


All our breeding cats are tested negative (by DNA) for PKD (Polycystic Kindey Desease) and have been scanned negative (by ultrasound/doppler scan) at least once for HCM (Hypertrpic CardioMyopathy). To the best of our knowledge, none of our cats exhibit or carry any inherited health defect.

CyberCats is also, to the best of our knowledge, free from any parasites, infectious diseases or fungus. We do not test every animal, but take yearly samples from 1-2 cats for FiV/FeLV (by blood sample), Herpes, Calici virus & Clamydia (scraping/culture from eye, performed by veterinarian - as we vaccinate our cats against these conditions a blood sample is worthless) and do yearly "collective" cultures, more frequently if at doubt for any reason, at an official lab for Microsporum Canis (Ringworm).

Also, no cat born at or bred by CyberCats have ever contracted FIP.

(Disclaimer: None of the above means that any and all of these afflictions may not surface, only that we do our very best to avoid them.)


All cats and kittens from CyberCats are delivered with:

  • Full vaccinations, given by vet
  • Chipped (by vet) with ISO chip
  • Dewormed and free from any other internal or external parasites
  • Registerd in CFA
  • In excellent health and body weight
  • Fully socialized with people and dogs

In the case of cats/kittens sold as show or top show quality, (and most that are not) they are also:

  • In show condition from day one. Full coat, no stains, excellent weight.
  • Teaser-Trained and handler trained
  • Face sculpted (at request)

Contact Information:

+46.701.479.363 (cell)
+ (home)