Cyber Boys


This page is for the babys and teenagers who are staying at, or coming to, CyberCats. Sometimes several kittens from a litter may be kept for evaluation purposes and some teenagers here may become available at a later date.


Hampus again

  Above is Hampus, below is Linus - sons of Nisse and Zoe
We absolutely LOVE these guys and are still debating which to keep.

Click their pictures to go to the cybercat kitten blog where there are tons of more pictures of them growing up :)



Finally among the possible keeper-boys - here's Tex, son of Nisse & Callie. This is the look I love above all else - he's just "all that" to me and is very unlikely to move :)


hr "T.T."

As soon as that dang Rabies shot actually TAKES, TT will come to us.
He's a doll and I can't wait!